Sunday, April 1, 2012

After Church

After church the usual bunch showed up to play volleyball.

The 2 pictures below are 2 of Amy Beth's daughters.

Fede pulled up on his motorcycle bringing Rebekah while Ruth came in her car with Rebekah's fiance Brian's parents.

It was fun to meet them, they fit right in with the rest of this crazy family.
Fede and Dan are 2 peas in a pod both have a funny as in dry sense of humor.

As long as we were all over at the playground a few more flower pictures were snapped.

We had a nice visit until Ruth remembered she had company coming.
Fede gave Brian's mom a ride back on the motorcycle.

Once all the players loaded up to leave Mark and I headed back to the apartment.
The picture below was taken yesterday but wasn't posted. It needs to be posted. This is Rhoda with her lap dog Darcy and Emma.

Zalena was checked and she is for sure now out of season. She and Ylse were put in the pasture behind the boys. They are the 2 that need a bit of fattening up. It makes it easier to grain them now that they are by themselves. The good rich spring grass will also help with that.

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