Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our neighbors cut their alfalfa field and it is drying nicely. I wanted to get another week of growth on our fields as we had that good rain a couple of days ago. Hopefully it won't be a mistake to wait. In the past we are lucky to get our first cutting in June. The mares were let out to enjoy some of this knee deep forage and wow did they go to town. Izadora was let out with them.

They made such a pretty sight. Below is Eliza looking very pregnant even though she is not due until July.

Izadora enjoying the lush green grass.

Ciera's thick tail busy swishing the early flies away.

Below is Airiah with a mouth full of grass.

They weren't happy to be put away.
Tomorrow Dr. Hoerr is coming for a coggins for Izadora, she is sold and will be moving to North Carolina. He will also check Bow over for her travel papers. Bow is getting picked up on Friday morning around 9:30am. This is bad timing for me, I've been asked to sing at Barb Schafer's funeral and must leave the farm by 8:45am. I'll see if Steven can meet her owners, if not Mike or Diane will just have to do it.
All of her paper work needs to be ready to go.
Wynne's owner Jill called to schedule a time Wynne can come here for a date with Raven. She is in her foal heat now and should be brought up in 18 days or so. The first part of May worked for both of us. She has that gorgeous Raven son by her side, we can't wait to get some updated pictures of him while they are here.
That's 3 bookings in 2 days for Raven and 1 for either Evan or Valiant.
I also called Holly Hinton today about her blind mare. Her mare is completely blind and was bred to Raven a few years ago. She was asked advice about Helen, Lily's blind filly. She was actually very encouraging to talk to. Her mare has no problem taking care of a baby even blind. As we know Helen's blindness is not inheritable this gives at least one option for her. Another option Holly suggested was as a therapy horse. She knows how quiet Raven babies are and felt this little filly is so sensible she could easily be trained as a lead line therapy. All things to pray about.

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  1. I am keeping Helen in my prayers.. that she will be a perfect solution for someone...