Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Fun

The day started with everyone serving themselves for breakfast then meeting for devotions and ended with Praise singing at Rachel's with brownies, ice cream and hot off the oven krispy kreme donuts. Between those times it was jam packed with activities and fun fun fun. First was the usual 10:00am volley ball.

Then came our lunch at Bahama Bobs.

Mark and Rhoda rented 2 Kayaks for the day. Karin and Rhoda started in the lagoon behind our house, paddled the mile to the pass into the Gulf of Mexico and the 2 miles to mom's condo.

It took them 2 hours to make the trip. The waves were big enough both girls got swamped as they tried to ride the rollers into the beach. Mark took over and headed out into the Gulf.

He made it out and after expending so much energy to get out it didn't take him long to head back in.

He too got dumped before making it in to shore.
We loaded the kayaks up and headed back to the house to get ready for fishing on the pier. Karin was the first one to catch a King Mackerel.

Philip started catching bait fish and using live bait it didn't take long for him to get a bite. His second hit he gave the pole to Anna and she spent a good 20 minutes bringing in this big king mackerel.

Ben got a huge hit but the fish was too big, started running and broke the line. Karin lost 3 fish also. The mackerel were biting right through the special wire leaders she had just bought.
Karin took both fish over to the cleaning station and fillet them for our dinner tonight.

We took this very fresh fish home where Karin cooked up about 10 pounds of fish for our dinner and froze the rest. We headed over to Sauders at 8:00pm for the singing. Jack and Addyson got to sit on the porch swing during that and really enjoyed the evening.

About half way into the singing David walks up with 2 boxes of still hot Krispy Kreme donuts.

We ended the day by Rachel inviting us all in for brownies, ice cream and donuts. mmmmm

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