Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Big Escape

After the TAG function mom and I met Mark, Philip and Dan at Denny's then headed back to the shop to unload the 10 boxes of labels Gail Hodel found for the ministry for FREE. We picked up a deposit slip then headed to Bartonville bank to deposit the quarters from the apartment machines. There was exactly $400.00 in mom's coffee can and the teller wanted to know if we had done that on purpose. I didn't reach the farm until after 1:00pm, the sun was shining and the mares were begging to go out. They were turned loose in the big field and the golf cart taken out so I could watch them in comfort. Even Lily and Helen were turned out with them.
The first five settled right down to graze. Left to right is Zalena, Eliza, Airiah, Jenis and Ciera. Then Ylse was added into the mix.
After running to join the crowd she drops and rolls.
Zalena had to join in with a roll herself. One would think they have been practicing fire drills.
After a good hour of grazing, Helen takes off running, Lily starts to follow and brings the whole herd with her.
They all galloped straight into the pasture behind Raven's paddock and quickly were locked in.
Zalena was taken out right away, she is still in season and we don't want Raven climbing over any fences to get to her. Lily and Helen were then moved into her pasture. The other mares all started toward the bottom of the pasture and the next thing I see is they are climbing through the woods and over a downed section of fence. The golf cart was near by and quickly taken over to the playground. The mares saw me coming down the lane and took off for Spark and Rhonda's house. Just as I was wondering how far they were going, Jenis found the path into the big field and took all of the others with her. Back to the barn to pick up a bucket of grain and then one at a time were led over to their paddocks. All except Airiah and Ciera. They decided they would rather eat grass than grain.
Both popped their heads up then went right back to grazing making me hike down into the field.
Right around that time Justin Herman from Herman Pond Management showed up with the bass Mark is stocking in the pond. Ciera and Airiah were put in the pasture behind Raven's where they should have been fine except Ciera starts to show. She is in season and backs up to the boys pen. While Justin was transferring the bass into a bucket I was trying to drag Ciera away from the boys who are trying to climb over each other and over the fence to get to her. I finished moving her right about the time Justin had the bass ready. Below he has just dumped them in the pond.
Here's hoping the fathead minnows Mark put in a few weeks ago were prolific and the bass find them, eat them and grow quickly. Mark also ordered bluegill but they won't arrive for 2 weeks.

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