Saturday, April 28, 2012

Benefit Dinner

Spark had the fire engine in place, Jay Brenner got on the ladder and was lifted way into the air to start removing limbs from the huge tree that needed to come down.
He started at the top but it didn't take him long to get to the real work, just look at the diameter of this tree, it must be 15 feet around
There was a honeybee nest in it, once the tree was down a bee man was called, he came to take the hive. He got stung but Jay did not. Hope he found the queen, it was a good size swarm. Mark and I headed to the fellowship hall, worked until noon, grabbed a few items at Sam's for tomorrow, made it home by 12:50 and was on the road by 1:05 to drive to Farmington, IL for our 2 nephew's wedding receptions. Tom and Tarah along with Tim and Jenna celebrated their wedding with a reception at their parent's house. Now John is homesteading and raised some feeder pigs. Beth, his wife got so attached, she didn't want them butchered but guess what was served at the reception. You guessed it, the best pork EVER! moist, tender and delicious, there is nothing like home raised pork. We had to leave by 2:20pm to get home in time to change and head to the fellowship hall for the big dinner. Below are the servers getting their instructions from Dean Ramseyer our very own chef extraordinaire.
Outside the entire block was perfumed with the scent of roasting meat, huge hunks of prime rib slow cooking over wood. Below the 3 guys are taking the cooked meat off the fire to prepare for the dinner.
The meal was delicious, the fellowship wonderful and the singing just plain fun. Below are a few of the guests.
Every one pitched in to help with clean up. We are home and very very tired.

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