Monday, April 23, 2012

Jazz In

Ebby came running up for the walk carrying this:
Emma was very curious of what she was carrying but not enough to try for it besides it was just a piece of cardboard. If Ebby can find something to carry in her mouth she will. At least this didn't stink.
Instead of working tomorrow I went in today to process the studies and make copies. The copy machine ran very efficiently until I ran out of paper. Tomorrow Eva Jean and I are going to church for TAG. We missed the first gathering but it sounded like so much fun we decided to take the once a month off at the shop to attend. I stopped at Rachel's to drop off some goodies for their boy's school lunches saw her mama cat carrying a kitten trying to get in the garage door. That cat decided she didn't like the place she was in and wanted to bring her litter into the garage. Once home Zalena was brought out and covered. Today she stood perfect.
She thought the grass in the yard was thick and luscious and was allowed to graze in it for 30 minutes. While watching her it was obvious that Jazz is coming in, not yet in a standing heat but definitely showing. We will try her tomorrow. Helen is one month old today. She was listening to Zalena grazing by the fence line. Notice her cocked head.
She soon became bored and headed over to visit the boys. Lily allowed her to get within 20 feet of their paddock before running over to get between their fence and Helen.
Steven showed up around 5:00pm to ask if we would like to start repairing the fence line at the back of Raven's paddock. He has the day off tomorrow and is willing to help. He was given the Horsemeister credit card to pick up the few items needed for this.

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