Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bad Boys Bad Boys

The mares were turned out into the field. While they were busy grazing I went inside to finish cleaning the apartment. All of a sudden the sound of screaming started, loud angry screaming. Running outside to see, there are Evan and Valiant in the pasture behind Raven's trying to fight with him over the fence. What was worse was Raven was ready to take them on and trying to get over the fence to do so. The picture below explains how they escaped their paddock.
Now why they would do this is a mystery. They are usually pretty respectful of fences and because of that we have become lax with the electric fence. They were quickly put in the first paddock which was empty at the time as both Zalena and Ciera were out in the field. But that paddock doesn't have electric so it may not hold them either. We were saying how Raven wouldn't have done that until we remembered how he used to knock down the 6 feet high fences at Ruth's place when he was 5 years old. Those bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Steven arrived to help move 2 new round bales into the middle paddock then helped round up the mares placing them all in the middle paddock leaving an empty paddock between those bad boys and the mares. Ciera was covered by Evan. Zalena was checked and seems to be out of season. At least Raven thinks so, I can't tease her with the boys right now. Jazz is in big time and will be covered tomorrow morning.

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