Monday, April 30, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party

After church about 30 of the Meister clan met at a bar (yes really) to meet the guide that was to take us to Rocky Glen. Not that we needed a guide, mom and dad hiked to Rocky Glen when they were engaged, then took us kids numerous times. Rocky Glen has been closed for years, the hike up to it has been blocked with no trespassing signs. Mom read an article in the newspaper about special guided tours, Rachel called and arranged for a private tour for yesterday. It was rain or shine and unfortunately it was pouring rain by the time we got out of church. Some of us older more decrepit decided not to go but mom went with a good turnout of brave souls willing to get drenched by a cold driving rain to be with her. Karin even brought Nancy. Nancy had a great time telling everyone with her huge smile, "mom made me hike in the rain, just look at my clothes!"
After the hike almost the entire family met at Beth's barn to surprise mom with a meal and cake for her 80th birthday. Her birthday was March 30th but she was down in Gulf Shores at that time.
Below we are singing with our most melodious voices as loud as possible, as off key as possible happy birthday to mom.
80 candles were just a bit daunting for mom to try to blow out and it took her 4 tries.
The family gave her a Japanese Maple (just like Diane's only even bigger and brighter), a set of patio chairs and mulch.
As soon as the cake was demolished the volley ball started up.
Mark and I headed home still in the very welcome driving rain exhausted but relaxed. It is still drizzling this morning, this dry and thirsty land is getting a good drink, The pond is filling up nicely. Another beautiful day!

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