Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Little Zoo That Could

Today was zoo day, we visited Gulf Shores very famous zoo the one that survived Hurricane Ivan. It was a perfect day to visit the zoo, sunny and warm and it seemed like everyone in Gulf Shores had the same idea. There were 4 school buses, the zoo and parking lot were packed.
Below Rhoda and Addyson are walking through the parking lot to the entrance.

The zoo surprised us with the abundance of animals on exhibit. The tigers were most impressive.

We stopped to watch the zoo workers bring out animals and reptiles. They would carry them around and let the kids touch them. They brought out a huge boa constrictor.

The next animal out was a ferret. Addyson was not sure she should get near him but Rhoda made her touch it.

About that time Addyson decided to climb on her daddy's shoulders.

The cat below is not a tame tabby.

The monkey below was very upset with the man working around his cage.

The zoo most famous resident is Charlie the 11 foot alligator.

Charlie was living at Gulf Shores state park and started harassing the campers by stealing picnic baskets and food. The zoo was asked if they would take him. He lived here happily until hurricane Ivan when he escaped. He was found months later in the wetlands by the zoo.
The kids were all well behaved other than when Braelyn got bit by a parrot.

We enjoyed seeing the many different kinds of deer.

The tortoise was huge and on the move looking for treats. Rhoda actually threw him some pellets and he came right over and ate them.

The kids had fun watching the monkey below as he was pushing the big wheel around.

The next couple of pictures maybe should be limited to the adult readers.
The female porcupine waddled over, woke up the male then got in position.

I actually wondered how these animals could ever procreate, well we got to see how this happens. VERY CAREFULLY!

This beautiful bird was not being very nice. It was actually pecking at the poor wombat's ear.

The wolves look prehistoric, just look at the muscles on the one below.

We finished at the zoo and headed for LuLu's for lunch.
The food was good and the kids for the most part were good. Braelyn wasn't feeling well but even she had a smile for the camera.

Jack was feeling great.

After dinner we played Uno while Rhoda baked cookies to take to Rachel's along with ice cream. We ended up over there for singing. Another beautiful day!

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