Monday, April 2, 2012

Middle Grove Work

Mike spent the weekend working on fences at Middle Grove. He snapped this picture of some of the horses grazing beneath the trees. It is easy to identify Mika the only chestnut and Sangria the only gray and I can see Ella behind Sangria's head but the rest there is no way to know who is who. Tonight we are hauling some home. After work Mike, Rhoda, Steven Marchal and I will head out to load up hopefully, Ella, Mindy, Bonnie, Lilypony and Bow. The ponies need to come in to start their training and Bow needs to be here the next time a vet is out for her travel papers. The curry comb and camera will be taken out with us.
Steven stopped by on his way to work to check out Lily, she is still in and covered. The equine dentist is coming today for Ylse and Zalena.
The car needs to be dropped off at Frenches around 2:00pm to have the snow tires taken off finally. This could have been done over a month ago this year but in years past we needed snow tires in April.

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