Monday, April 30, 2012

The Gift

Yesterday in church Cheryl Grassi gave us the very special gift pictured above. Now there is a story about this gift. Cheryl's family owns the grain elevator in Glasford, IL and a bee man David Stiles, from Mapleton, IL sells his honey at the elevator. There is a huge difference between store bought honey and honey from bees in the area and the first time I visited the elevator I was thrilled to purchase his honey. A few weeks ago I told Cheryl I was coming to the elevator, not to buy grain but making a special trip to buy more honey when she informed me, they were all out. David sold out of everything he had and there won't be more until he harvests. Cheryl has such a soft heart, she gave a half gallon from her own house, graciously sharing her bounty with us, as we didn't lay up enough to get through until harvest. THANKS CHERYL! hmmmm there is probably a lesson in this prepare, share, good gifts... Even though it was still drizzling Ruth, mom, Diane and I walked. Heidi saw a squirrel run up this tree and the other 2 dogs came running just as Heidi lost interest.
And speaking of trees, the tree below is mom's birthday gift that will be planted on the scheduled work day.
Amy Koch stopped by on her way to work to drop off 3 different kinds of bells to try on Lily for blind Helen. It is pouring down rain so we will wait to attach one of these bells to her halter once the rain stops. Amy even brought a break-a-way strap to attach the bell. We had a good visit, she is probably going to be late in to work today. Diane emailed the picture below of the Saturday trail ride. She and Mike took out 2 of their grand children, 8 year old Willow on Bunni and 6 year old Tate on Paris. Tate had a ball on Paris. He said it was more fun than riding a 4 wheeler. He was able to completely control her all by himself even leaving the group at a trot. Willow now canters off by herself. These kids are talented but not that talented, it is the wonderful obedient horses that make the trail rides so much fun.

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