Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Heidi was very proud of herself this morning running up for the morning walk with her still twitching treasure. The raccoon must have put up quite a fight, Heidi was bleeding from her nose.

Mike helped load the ponies after the first round of the walk. I pulled out just a few minutes after 8:00am and made it to Emily's just before 10:00am. The ponies settled in just fine.

Then it was time to see the menagerie. The goats were first, the twins were waiting to be let out, so cute as they hung over the stall wall bleating.

Emily then took the mama goat out to the pasture with her triplets.

The kids were so cute hopping straight into the air with all 4 feet off the ground. Of course we had to call the cows over for some attention. Below is her young heifer.

Last I was taken into the mudroom to see the newly hatched goslings. The parents weren't good about sitting on the eggs, so Emily used an incubator to hatch them out.

laundry waited so home I drove. The horses were fed, Bow and Lilypony played with and then it was time to get to work. The day was spent reading a couple of Francine Rivers books while waiting for the machines to finish washing and drying the much needed clean clothes.
Rhoda came over for a short visit, sat down and Darcy promptly sits in her lap.

Poor Rhoda, her legs were getting smashed, she was able to grin and bear it until the picture was snapped.

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