Friday, April 13, 2012

Home News

It's not all about vacation, work still goes on at home. Thank goodness there are people willing to stay home while we are gallivanting around the South.
Steven took Valiant over for a lesson at Lorna's. Lorna is either a bronze or silver medalist in dressage and she had very nice things to say about Valiant.
Mike and Diane had company from Indiana. The daughter is a typical horse crazy 12 year old. She ended up going riding every day for the 4 days they stayed, riding Paris, Bunni, and Jenis. When asked which was her favorite she replied, "l loved them all!"
Below are a couple pictures Mike emailed over.
Left to right Joanie on Paris, Frankie on Bunni and Diane on Jenis.

Mike rode Zalena and really liked her. Diane reported Jenis is VERY bumpy. This was taken at the Hanna City farm. Mike called needing 4 horses and wondered which ones he should use. He was told to take Jenis and Zalena but when he got to the paddock he called back and exclaimed, "I don't know who is who out here."
The next picture was taken at the top of the bluff on the new land at Middle Grove. See how small the big pontoon boat looks. Frankie is on Paris and Joanie is on Bunni. Mike was riding Mika.

The rest of their company was having a boat ride thanks to Spark while Mike was giving horse back tours.
Izadora is sold, at least the lady from North Carolina that is buying her said she would mail the check. She will work on transportation as soon as I have her traveling papers.
I am leaving to come home this evening with Ben, Taunya and kids and if all goes well will be back at the farm tomorrow morning. Phil, Anna, Braelyn and Rhoda will leave for home tomorrow afternoon. We have another beautiful day brewing, no clouds in the sky 0 percent chance of rain and a predicted high of 77...we are so blessed.

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