Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Raven Son Born

Jill and Dave would like to announce the birth of Maximiliaan out of the purebred Friesian mare Wynne and By RAVEN!

How wonderful for them, they were able to witness the birth of this big black purebred Friesian Raven baby. Congratulations!
Mike sent these pictures of some of the horses at Middle Grove taking a nap in the warm sunshine.

Steven called to report all was well except Lily and her filly were out of the cabin field and loose over by the barn field. He put them in a paddock then walked the fenceline at the cabin to find where they escaped but all was well. When Mike showed up he told Steven he didn't know there were horses in the cabin and left the side gate open during the day as he was driving in and out. He just didn't see Lily leave.
The house we are staying at here in Gulf Shores is lovely, the nicest vacation home we have ever stayed in. Pictures will be taken and uploaded as soon as the battery is charged.

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