Friday, March 25, 2011

Winter Returns

Yesterdays temps never got out of the 30s and this morning it is obvious winter is not giving up without a fight. We have a rain snow mix predicted today. It wouldn't be so bad except we had that delightful tease of warm sunshine and 70s where we could walk around outside without coats. Now it's back to bundling up.
I'm anxious to hear how Anna and precious little Braelyn did last night. Rachel's family should reach the condo this morning joining their son David, Karin, Rhoda, Sarah, Taunya and Addyson. That group is leaving tomorrow night for home. The girls can hardly wait to meet their new niece.
Wynne needs to be teased today and if in season covered. Raven will be glad to start getting some work. Dalia also needs to be teased. Both fillies are filling out at an astounding rate. Each day they grow not just taller but wider. It is amazing how mom's milk is so perfect not just for horses but humans, cows, whales, dolphins, cats, dogs, and the list goes on to include every mammal. God doesn't make mistakes!

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