Saturday, March 5, 2011

Extreme Cowboy Race

Our group each paid $9.00 to run through the driving rain, bright flashes of lightning and huge cracks of thunder and into the coliseum at 7:30pm to see what we thought would be an interesting show. Actually we were all pretty disappointed! The extreme race was basically less difficult and much less exciting than pony club games. Only one horse and rider combination in the arena and each had to follow a pattern. We thought extreme meant something like having to jump barrels, flames, weave through bending poles, joust and you get the picture. IT was NOT worth the $9.00! Now if the vaulters were performing at half time then it would have been MORE than worth the price of admission!
We are gearing up today for huge crowds! The popcorn machine will be busy, so many people stopped by yesterday asking when we were popping. Our stall decorations are very presentable, almost professional looking of course that's in my opinion and I could be biased.
The Crown Plaza does not have free Internet, they ask for $10.00 each 24 hours and I'm way to cheap to pay that price on top of the cost of the rooms, but someone left their account logged on in the business center which allowed me to check on things at home.
There were 2 horse emails, one of which was for Rachel Sauder asking if they could come down to see her Xena. Completely forgot Rachel's Raven baby was named Xena and we used to have a Xena so when reading the email, I'm thinking where did they ever see an ad for her, we sold her years ago. Thankfully it did finally click they were not asking about a mare but a filly and were given Rachel's phone number. The other is for a breeding booking in April. That month is pretty full and I can't answer them until the calender is checked.

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