Friday, March 4, 2011

We Made IT!

We were able to load Wynne, Ciera and Ylse into the front of the stock trailer and Ribbon and Jenis in the back and that trailer was LOADED. Steven's truck pulled it with no problem. The living quarter trailer hauled down Evan and Valiant. We made it down to the fair around 2:00pm and started the unloaded. Started getting worried around 4:30pm, the man suppose to bring the hay had not yet contacted us. Around 5:00pm it was "ok, time to pray!" and the phone rang. The hay would make it down but not until 8:30pm. We checked into our hotel, had dinner at Steak and Shake then headed back to the fairgrounds to continue working on decorations. The hay arrived via a very nice man named Logan and it was beautiful wire tided 80 pound bales of 3 cutting alfalfa. The horses were so happy to be fed.
Rhoda, Emily and I decided to use the hot tub, found our way to the 14th floor and enjoyed the pool, hot tub and sauna by ourselves not another person there. Sheer luxury! Back to the room around 10:00pm for bed.
Early this morning, according to Rhoda and Emily, WAY to early Karin called. As we were up we headed to Bob Evan's for breakfast then back to the fair grounds to finish the decorating. Monica had already made it down with Eisis. Emily hooked Ciera up to the cart while Rhoda got on Jenis and Steven line drove the 2 boys and Monica brought Eisis down to the livestock arena and had a good practice. Evan bowed and laid down when asked twice. We don't know how he will perform with an audience but he sure is listening to Steven now.
By the time Karin and Rebekah arrived the decorations were just about finished, all the horses bathed and things were looking good.
We all bought tickets for tonight's show, then to Ryans for dinner and back here to rest.
Now I'm such a tight wad, there could be no updating until I found a place offering free Internet. The hotel charges to hook up our laptops.
One funny thing that happened, we had Raven's picture up at Jenis stall, 3 teenage girls came by, stopped looked at the picture and one of the girls exclaimed,'THAT'S RAVEN, I've never seen him but have seen his kids! He has REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fantastic kids! I mean REALLY REALLY fantastic!" Of course this brought a chuckle!

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