Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Names and Registrations

Work just seemed to drag today, the storms didn't come, the sun was out and the weather turned beautiful, a warm 75 degrees. So glad the horses were left out. Once work was over it was off to the farm to work on registering the foals. Tail hair needed to be pulled and it was relatively easy on Wynne's foal Mike named Kenzie (an Irish name meaning light as she glows in the dark with her star) but when it was time to pull Lily's filly's hair, it didn't want to come out. It was so unfair, she was lying down taking a nap, didn't get up when I went over, she was enjoying the petting and scratching then all of a sudden someone pulled her tail hair! She jumped up and started bucking. It took 3 tries to get the amount needed. She is now named Keira (Keer uh) Irish for dark.
Anni and Ryan Davidovics came over to play with the foals, so nice to see them gently handling both of them. Kenzie is the favorite, she is just so striking with her white star and loves to be cuddled. Keira is more standoffish but enjoys a good scratch.
The paper work was finished all placed in a big manila envelope and sealed before the check was written out. Rats, had to try to open it back without tearing it! When the check was included the envelope was sealed up good with tape and mailed.
We are now caught up on registration until the next foals are born.

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