Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Mom came home with me after church so Jessica could go to Culvers with the church dinner group. We stopped in at the house so I could change before heading out to the farm and Emma about knocked mom over she was so happy to see her. She LEANS into a person. We made it to the farm by 8:40pm, Steven had already brought the mares in. Wynne could not be checked, we just can't get enough colostrum out to test even though she seems full. Lily was checked and showing a calcium level of 90 which should mean we can go home and get a good night sleep but it's LILY and she has a habit of surprising us. She was acting different tonight, standing by the far end and she is sweating some on her chest both of which she did before some of her past deliveries. Steven is spending the night and will call if she goes in labor. I need a good nights sleep for the drive tomorrow to deliver Caden. I should have taken a picture of her tonight, Lily is HUGE.

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