Monday, March 21, 2011

For Sale?

The dilemma is what to do with Lily's filly. Do we keep her as another brood mare or place her for sale. In my heart I know she is worth much more as a brood mare than the $5000.00 we could get for her by selling her. But I really don't need ANOTHER brood mare, we just can't keep them all. Every one of these fillies when bred to Evan would produce a foal so beautiful, 7/8 Friesian with just a touch of Westfalen. All of Lily's offspring look just like a purebred Friesian and have unbelievable movement. Just look at Ayanna's video below, Lily's 2010 foal.

The first three foals Lily had were all colts and each one sold at weaning. The first went to Texas to a nice family. The second was purchased to perform at Medieval times, and the third went to the east coast to Friesian's of Majesty.
The foals are so special they exceedingly love to be with people and want to please which makes them so easy to train. Just look how Emily Ricketts was able to train Ciera to drive in only 2 months, not just drive but perform in front of thousands of people. The video below is some of the Horsemeister Friesians performing at the IL Horse fair this month. Ciera is the filly pulling the cart.

So do I place this new filly for sale? Mark says very emphatically YES! He thinks we need new appliances for the office like washer, dryer, stove, fridge, and dishwasher.
Lily and her filly were turned out into the paddock before the walk and it was so entertaining watching this filly drive her mom nuts by galloping around I was almost late for the walk. Wow did we have the dogs on the walk this morning. Besides Emma, Ebby and Heidi, Ruth brought Karin's dog Studly as she is dogsitting while Karin is in Gulf Shores. Honey, the neighbors dog also joined us this morning.

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