Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Performances

It is so hard not to be proud with such a great group of horses and helpers! All the glory should go to the hard working helpers. How can we thank them enough. The fair was packed, the popcorn machine could not keep up and the cotton candy was selling like hotcakes! The horses were beautiful and the crowds ohhd and awwd over them. Maybe I'm a bit prejudiced but truly the Friesians were the most beautiful horses on the property, not just the most beautiful but so friendly hanging out of their stall and so well behaved at both the judging and the performing! The mares came into the arena like they owned the place, heads held high, manes flying in the breeze, high steps. Rhoda is always a picture of perfection with her red velvet cape contrasted by Jenis' blue black coat and white leg wraps. Monica was also an amazing sight with her long blond hair on the silver cape flying around the arena dressed in a medieval outfit from the dress, the bridle and the breast plate. We were very impressed with Rebekah's ride on Wynne. She had Wynne decked out in white ribbons and came into the arena with a red velvet cape that hung well over Wynne's hips. By this time the building was so packed it was standing room only! Wynne calmly walked and trotted, then stood quietly while Rebekah handed the robe to Karin. The beautiful white wedding dress flying softly against the black Friesian was a picture to behold until EMILY and CIERA entered the arena. Emily had Ciera all dressed out in purple leg wraps, a purple pad pulling the black cart with Emily robed in a matching purple cape. Ciera was perfect trotting around the arena pulling the cart listening to Emily and performing perfect turns. AND THEN CAME THE STEVEN and the BOYS! They won't even be 2 years old for another 4 months and Steven brought them in at an extended trot hooked together with their flashy white leg wraps showing off the beautiful movement. That was good but what happened next was amazing. He unhooked the boys, took Valiant over to the far side and showed off a bit of the Spanish walk, then handed him to Karin, took Evan over to our side of the arena and EVAN bowed in front of the thousands of cheering crowds. Eisis was the last in the arena, Sandy Fritzenmeier brought her in as Monica was riding Ylse. Monica has done a wonderful job teaching her to lead quietly at a walk and trot. The noise level was tremendous and all of the horses were good.

NOW for the VAULTING PERFORMANCE! They rocked the house, they were BY FAR the most entertaining of the entire show!!! They had the audience eating out of their hands when they ran into the middle of the arena, stopped and the last 3 kids bumped into the one ahead of them. The kids were so busy smiling and looking at the huge crowds they didn't pay attention to the stop. Their performance was perfect with the music going perfectly with their tricks. When the mouse (Moses) was lifted high into the air the crowd went wild! I was sure Ribbon would react to such extreme noise but Karin had perfect control. WHAT A GREAT COMBINATION. Rachel Sauder got some great pictures and once home a video will be made of both performances and placed here. What an amazing a day and just think tomorrow we get to do it all over again!

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