Saturday, March 19, 2011

Land of the Living

Rachel Sauder of came over right after the birth last night and just now posted pictures of Lily as she was introduced to her new filly. Is there anything more precious than a mare meeting her foal for the first time?

I've joined the land of the living. Steven sent a text at 5:30am the filly was nursing on her own. Hallelujah!! Between the hard cold night and my age I'm glad Steven was around to help. This filly would not be alive without Steven's assistance last night. This was Lily's biggest filly by far and Lily really struggled giving birth to her. Steven was able to help her with the head and shoulders, Lily did the rest by herself. The main problem last night was this filly is so tall, she could not figure out how to duck her head way down to find the udder. She would get so mad at not finding the milk bar she would buck up and run around her mom. Steven was very patient and did not leave the farm until she was nursing on her own. He really needs a job at a big brood mare farm, he knows when to give assistance and when to wait. He runs heavy equipment, is a hard worker and willing to relocate as long as he can take his dog with him. Below is the video taken last night.

Before leaving both foals were given their foal shots.

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  1. wow, Judy! Congratulations! Great video.. all except the afterbirth part, eewww..