Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Search is OVER

We have a vacation home for the week of July 9th-16th 2011! This is on the beautiful sandy shores of Lake Michigan up near Holland, MI in a private area called Castle Park. The house is on the bluff overlooking the lake and near the 2 pools, 7 tennis courts, basketball court, volley ball court, just above the candy and ice cream store about 75 yards from the beach and best of all has 5 bedrooms. There is a castle not too far from the house that serves as the club house with a great library. We agreed to rent this sight unseen but I did get 2 referrals and both said we are going to LOVE this place! The owner is going to email pictures once she is home from Florida but meanwhile will send the contract.
I'm thankful to find something in our price range on the beach we can all easily fit.
The owner called just when Rhoda was helping me check out at JoAnn Fabrics. Each year for the horse fair we buy material to cover the stall fronts. Each year we think, ahh won't need to do that again but each year we take MORE horses and have to decorate MORE stalls. This year we have 10 to decorate. JoAnn Fabrics did not have the sparkly material in blue so we bought the entire bolt of silver, then an entire bolt of another kind of material in blue. Rhoda asked if the check out lady would know who else sells material in the area and were told Hobby Lobby so off we went for that store. We find blue sparkly material and buy what was left on the bolt of that which was 6 yards. Who did we run into but Justin's wife Katy.

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