Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Rooster Story

Below is a true story although a little hard to believe.
This is a crazy story about my crazy mother. When she was a young girl around 12 years old in Ridgefield, NJ during the war everyone was encouraged to have victory gardens and allowed to raise chickens. Mom's neighbor had a little chick dyed green for Easter they wanted to get rid of and gave it to her. This green chick became a very mean rooster, one time attacking the neighbor lady as she was walking down a sidewalk with bags of groceries in her arms. He jumped on her back, she screamed threw the packages and started running. Mom was and still is quite an animal lover and hated to see that poor MEAN rooster getting yelled at outside so decided to bring him in and house train him. Well she had him sitting on the toilet and actually going pretty well. This was WORKING except once the rooster decided he needed to go when mom wasn't around, jumped up onto the toilet but missed and fell IN THE TOILET and drowned. Mom was the one who found his cold wet body and was horrified, she grabbed the poor thing out of the toilet, wrapped him in a towel and started mouth to beak resuscitation. The rooster actually came back to life but the saving of him didn't make any difference in his disposition, he came back to life meaner than he left. Mom doesn't know what happened to him after that, she was gone for the afternoon and surmises he lost his life for the second time probably ending up in a delicious chicken and dumpling soup.
Mary Ann Michel, The congressman Bob Michel's sister put this story on the radio and won a DOLLAR! A lot of money way back then.
If you don't believe this just call her and ask it really did happen just as written.

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