Friday, February 25, 2011

Autumn Sold

As of 3:30pm today Autumn is sold. She will be leaving from Bridlewood on March 12th. Gail the lady that came to try her out today was pleased and I am pleased they make a great pair. Karin took them trail riding Gail rode Autumn and Heidi her friend rode double with Karin on Ribbon. Karin tells them we will slip into a jog and Ribbon breaks into her very bouncy up and down canter. Heidi on the back asks Karin, "is she bucking?" We will be sorry to see Autumn leave, she has been a great horse for our youth groups and camps.
Rachel Sauder emailed this statement about the pictures she took of the boys this morning: you are in big trouble....they're online...good luck. Once I saw them she was right, the pictures are wonderful. I wanted them so badly I told her she could have ALL my money. Of course I didn't have that much in either the savings or the checking but she gets it all! The check was taken over and dropped off at mom's while Gail was trying out Autumn. By the time I got home the pictures are HERE. This is my favorite, the rest of the ones I bought have been added to Evan and Valiant's page on the website. If you want to see ALL of the pictures go to her website, click on on-line ordering then click on the horsemeister boys.

Fabulous, just fabulous!

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