Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning Snow

We woke up to a little less than 4 inches of heavy wet yet beautiful snow. The trip to the farm took a bit longer even though most of the roads were plowed at least once during the night some drifting had occurred.
Mike was already busy clearing the many drives at the Meister compound. The picture below is as he is taking the skid steer back to the barn.

On the walk we were marveling at the beauty. Isn't it amazing what how beautiful God paints the world for us. The song, White As Snow kept running through my mind.

As the picture above was being snapped Emma came running up and slammed into Diane knocking her into Rachel. When I turned around it looked like Rachel was giving Diane a big hug.

There was so much beauty it was hard to choose where to point the camera.
Below is Heidi, mom's German Shepherd enjoying the morning walk.

Rachel agreed to do another photo shoot of the 2 boys now that it wasn't RAINING and the sun was SHINING! How thankful I am she was willing to give up her usual very busy morning to capture the moment with the boys. It didn't take long to get good pictures of Evan, He is very photogenic, now Valiant, instead of sticking around showing off ran up to the girls. He was not as co-operative and it took a bit longer but Rachel believes she got some GREAT shots.
Rhoda and Monica met at the farm yesterday to work on their Friesian demo for the fair. When Rhoda got home she told me she took both boys out and had them do the tricks Steven is training them to do. She was impressed with how well Valiant is doing the Spanish Walk and Evan bowing. A big THANK YOU to STEVEN, all your hard work over the winter is paying off. You have the boys performing for anyone that asks the correct cues.

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