Friday, February 4, 2011

Rachel's Blaze Story

I've got a Blaze story.
Whenever I tell this story, I get the feeling that people don't believe me...but I promise, this really happened!
When my husband and I were first married we lived in the apartments next to the house I grew up in. We decided to buy a calf to raise for meat and keep it there at the farm.
We started out bottle feeding this tiny little week old steer and he would get so excited when he saw me that he'd run up as fast as he could and butt me in the stomach...HARD, because he knew he was going to eat. He ate, and ate, and ate, and soon he was old enough to be weaned.
Once he was weaned we put him out in the field with Blaze & Twinkle and he grew, and grew, and grew that whole year.
During this time we found out we were expecting our first baby and I also grew, and grew, and grew. One beautiful fall day, when I was about 8 months along, I was feeling really restless and decided to go for a walk. Thinking nothing of it, I crossed the parking lot and went into the field, forgetting that our steer was in that field grazing w/the horses. When I was about 1/2 way across the field I realized my mistake. Our steer saw me about the same time I saw him...and he recognized me as the one who used to feed him....and he charged. Only this once tiny little steer weighed close to 1000lbs.
Keep in mind, I'm 8 months pregnant and there was NO way I could run fast enough to get to the fence and there is not a single tree in that field. I just froze. When that steer was about 1/2 way to me, Blaze, who was just calmly grazing a little ways from us put his head up, saw what was about to happen, and somehow that horse knew that I was helpless...and he ran between me and that steer, whipped around to face him and lowered his head...and with his whole body told that steer to STOP...and he did.
I don't know what would have happened to me or our baby that day if it wasn't for Blaze. I know he saved us from serious injury and maybe even worse. He really was an awesome horse!

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