Friday, February 4, 2011

21st Century

I feel I've just stepped into the 21st century. I THINK my cell phone alarm has been set for 4:00am. Not only should it be set, I figured it out all by myself and surely the job is accomplished, although it won't go off until tomorrow morning so I won't know if it worked until then. It wasn't that long ago I didn't even want a cell phone, times just keep changing and turns out one can teach an old dog new tricks. If any of the kids had been home they would have accomplished this very complicated half hour job in about 2 minutes and that is not an exaggeration. Even Diane's grand daughter Ella knows more about cell phones than all of us and she is maybe 6 years old.
Ruth, Fedi, Diane and Mike will be here at 4:30am to pick us up. Both bags are packed and in the playroom.
Heard on the weather another blast of arctic air is on the way for next week. This is a good week to head south, way south. We are heading to Jamaica, Key West, and Grand Caymans.

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