Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heavy Hearts

Have you ever been told something awful was going to happen but when it actually does happen you are shocked. Today that happened to me. My head hurt, my mind crying no, the tears started to flow, my chest became so heavy and bile started rising. As long as the bad news wasn't official there was still the thought perhaps it won't really happen. This has nothing to do with the farm or horses and it is not really mine to share. God is our refuge and I will hang on to that.
In other news our oldest daughter moved out today, She has so few possessions it didn't even fill up Phil's short bed truck.

She is only moving across town, going to be sharing a town house with another girl and I'm sure we will still see her often, after all her DOG is still with us.
Steven called from the farm, Evan is bowing about 70% of the time with just a small cue, even one of the young girls out visiting asked him and down he went. The more confirmed he is at home the better chance he has of listening to Steven during the noise and crowds of the fair.

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