Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Blaze Stories

There are many stories of Blaze after all he lived until he was 40 years old and taught hundreds of little girls how to ride. This story happened shortly after my oldest brother Spark got married. His wife, Rhonda thought it would be fun to go out riding. We tacked Blaze up for her and sent her off on her own. Not too long after she left, we see her walking back leading Blaze. Rhonda, "What happened?" she was quickly asked, thinking perhaps she fell off. She replied, "he started yelling at me so I got off." Blaze was just letting the others horses know he was leaving with a neigh.
One time our parents were gone for the day leaving me in charge. We decided it would be a lot of fun to ride Blaze INSIDE the house. We led him up to the stairs, he looked at them and thought, "well I've never had to climb stairs before but if she wants me to I guess I can try," and up the stairs he went. We all had to take turns riding through the kitchen into the middle hallway through the study, the front hall, the living room through the dining room and finished in the playroom. We were having a great time until the folks drove up, then it was quick, how do we get him out the front door as they come in the back door and once out on the porch, he has to figure out how to go DOWN the stairs. Blaze was so good that day, he didn't leave any surprises (thank goodness)!
Each year our grade school, Pleasant Hill district 69, only half mile away, would send classes to the farm for field trips. When my youngest brother Danny was in kindergarten Blaze made Dan the most popular kid in the class. There were around 26 5 year olds in Dan's class that came to the farm that day, Blaze was brought out, Danny jumped on him bareback cantered him up to the playground equipment and jumped Blaze over the teeter-toter. At that point all the little girls fell in love, we thought they fell in love with Blaze but later found out they all had a crush on DAN!

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