Sunday, February 20, 2011


Darcy somehow knew Rhoda moved out last night and wasn't content to sleep in her bedroom, she was feeling insecure enough to crowd in next to Emma by my side of the bed. we have this huge house with 8 bedrooms and all 4 of us are crowded in one room. The night was spent listening to loud snores from 2 dogs and Mark, really just Darcy but she snores like a drunken sailor. I've never actually heard a drunken sailor snore but have heard this saying most of my life and bet Darcy snores LOUDER than one.
Today is my turn to pick up Nancy. I'm so looking forward to being with her today. She is such a happy girl and the apple of our eyes. My turn only comes around once every 8 weeks. By spending Sunday with her and bringing her to church she gets to see most of the family although today there are many missing. Spark's family is in Florida and Diane's family is in Springfield for the Honegger birthdays.
Somehow being with a pure innocent happy sister helps heavy hearts.

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