Monday, February 14, 2011


The day went about as planned, visited the farm and heard all that went on while we were gone but still need Rachel Sauder's report. Checked over all the horses and all look well. Mom cooked a delicious breakfast, better than the cruise breakfast in some ways, really fresh ingredients and served hot right off the stove.
Once home groceries needed to be purchased and Mark's ties picked up. Mark came home for lunch very late, around 2:30pm then drowsiness hit and just barely had time for a short nap before Ben, Taunya and Addyson came over.
They left Addyson with us and took off for Herman's barn for family volley ball. Mark is going to get the fire started but there is not much wood left on the porch.
A really nice thing that happened today was a phone call that started with, "Have I told you how much I love your horses!" Steven called to report on the boy's training session today. He started Valiant on the Spanish walk and Evan is now bowing without the training hobble. Both boys have matured enough at 19 months old they are now considered stallions instead of just colts. Can't wait for new pictures by Rachel of them, the last pictures taken of them they were still obvious yearling colts.
Emily emailed this picture of Ciera in driving training. She reports Ciera is doing very well and is not nervous even when cars and trucks are passing.

Now it's time for some cute puppy pictures, just for my grand daughter Addyson.

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