Thursday, February 24, 2011

Murder in Guatemala

Email from World Relief:
I am so, so sorry to inform you of this but your sponsored child from Guatemala at Community of Faith School – Jose Antonio Sanjay – was murdered. We have had tears over this. We just found out about it ourselves. I will attach the emails from the Latin America office. We also have a picture of him that we will be sending to you. The picture was sent to us a couple weeks ago.
You have our sympathy in this. We know you have prayed for him.
These children live in the slums and are ‘street’ kids without parents and they are garbage scavengers. They go to school on their own because they feel the love of Jesus there through their principal and the teachers there.
We are very sorry and we will keep in touch.
Cheryl Knobloch-World Relief Child Sponsorship
Email from Mariellyn
This is so sad, I'm fighting to hold back tears. Jose Antonio Sanjay from Com. de Fe was killed on Saturday and his body lay in the morgue until someone identified it there yesterday. He had been in the school since first grade and the staff are so sad. Some of the teachers went to the wake with Alba and she says the poverty and misery were terrible--both material and physical. She asks that we pray for the family. The students at the school too.
Next email
Tom told me I should have said that he was murdered, rather than killed. I will call Alba for more details but I'm trying to wait until I'm a little less emotional so I can talk with her without crying.
Last email
Ok, I think I got this right. Alba said that at the wake, a man entered and shot and killed Jose Antonio's cousin, also aged 16 who I believe, is the brother of Sonia Murga, another of the sponsored kids. The mother knelt before the killer begging him not to kill her son but he did anyway.

Mariellyn Hilgeman, M.Ed.
Desarrollo Escolar y Educación Preescolar
Association of Christian Schools International
Oficina Regional para Latinoamérica
Mailing: ACSI Latinoamerica, Section 12016, PO Box 02-5339 Miami, FL 33102
Mailing: Apartado Postal 21-H, Guatemala, C.A. 01911
Shipping: 6a. calle A 20-62 zona 11 Guatemala 01011
Tel: (502) 2472-8507 Fax: (502) 2472-8269

How we are grieving for their families. What a terrible thing to see your child murdered before your eyes! Life is precious, How long will God allow man's inhumanity toward man to continue. Come Lord Jesus, come and take Your children home!
This morning on our walk, mom made the comment she is glad she is old or as Karin would say, at the dropping off point, and heaven waits!

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