Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heading to Latty

Darcy came bounding into our room just before 5:00am ready to start the day. Before we headed up to bed last night, the thought came what if we over sleep and miss the bus to Latty. Fat chance of that ever happening with Rhoda's dog so happy to start the day she can't even wait until daylight.
Steven has offered to help Mike this morning, they will move in 3 or 4 round bales, then start to work on Mike and Diane's camper which blew off of the stands during high winds while we were on the cruise. Mike has it off the ground and hanging in the air sideways but somehow it needs to be turned and placed back on the stands. They are hoping it won't be too severely damaged, they were going to use it for the IL Horse show a week from today.
Karin is WONDERFUL! Of all the great things she does for horsemeister, one I really appreciate is her willingness to pick up the cotton candy sugar in Galesburg, IL. AND she doesn't even LIKE cotton candy. Thanks Karin, not just for doing that task but I really appreciate you and Rebekah helping out with Autumn yesterday.
I'm going to be doing something controversial, on Thursday we will be hauling down to the fair in the living quarter trailer, Ciera, Evan and Valiant, then in the big trailer, Ribbon, Jenis front, Ylse and Wynne in the back. Now why that is controversial is Wynne's due date is March 23rd. Before all of you horse lovers start in on this, there is a good reason. We will ALL be at the fair, there will be no one at the farm that is horse savvy to watch and care for her, I cannot leave Wynne in a nice dry stall, who would feed her, water her and clean the stall? As this is her first foal, it is so important to have her under surveillance. Almost always a first time mom is fine but there is a chance of a mare rejecting a foal. We've had it happen and will not risk it again. After thinking and praying about it the decision was made, Wynne MUST go with us.

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