Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Blizzard

The snow is piling up against the doors the wind is howling trying hard to find entrance and we are inside a warm snug house thanks to our new windows, all 66 windows in this old house were replaced. The snow isn't really falling but being driven horizontal running parallel with the ground and yet it is piling up outside over 2 inches an hour something we have never seen before. This picture was just taken trying to capture the sheets of snow flying. We can no longer see our neighbor's house and it is only getting worse. Another picture will need to be taken after the storm once it is over. This is suppose to go on for more than 24 hours.

Email was checked and when the one below was opened at first I took it serious until the last sentance then burst out laughing.
Hi Judy
So over the last two months I have been brainstorming. I have been trying to figure out how to best bring this up to you as I think your Hanna city farm is absolutely beautiful and I love working there and riding the horses. however I think it is time that Horsemeister takes the next step into the future. I have therefore decided that.....I will be willing to take the Friesians down to Florida each winter!!! Steven
Good try Steven, that would be MY job!!!
The dogs were put outside and below is Emma's reaction:

She looked back at me as if to say, "seriously, you want me out here?" She can't open her eyes against the driving snow and had a tough time finding the yard, finally just squatted right on the driveway and left some yellow in the snow that was covered almost instantly.
Amazing how the weather service knew this was coming, they said it would hit around noon and the day went from nothing going on to a full blown Blizzard just before noon. So thankful we are all at home nice and warm.

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