Friday, September 23, 2016

The Broom

Mom and I hit a garage sale in Hanna City after the walk this morning. There were many antiques there but that is not what I'm looking for. There were just 2 items purchased both by mom. She bought and ax and a broom. I was admiring the broom when she said, "I almost asked the seller if he had one with a longer handle." Thinking she doesn't want to bend over it made perfect sense to me until she replied, "that would make it much easier to fly."

 Funny funny. Speaking of funny, on Wednesday night Ruth drove her car to mom's and caught a ride to church with us. Well Sarah Reinhard took her home and as soon as we dropped mom off and saw Ruth's car still at mom's house we all burst out at the same time, "Ruth forgot her car. She is going to be looking for that car come morning." Sure enough Thursday morning arrives and Ruth's car is still sitting in mom's driveway and we were sure Ruth would show up late explaining that she forgot her car. Well we started the walk without her, get up to the barn when we see Fede's car come flying in. Ruth sheepishly states, "I forgot my car." She went out of house to drive over to the lake for the walk and the car wasn't there. She called Fedi and asked, "did you take the car?" When he replied that he didn't and didn't know where it was she started calling her children and of course no one knew where the car was. We are not quite sure when she realized where it was, we were too busy laughing. Some people thought we should have called her on Wednesday night but then we would have missed a great laugh. After all Laughter is the best medicine. After garage saling I drove to Pekin, IL to shop for grain at Big R. This week they were having a sale on the 50 pound bags of 12% sweet feed, just $5.99 a bag. I bought 14 of them just about all that can fit in the car and still leave room for groceries in the front. Aldi is right next to Big R so I have to save room for groceries every time. Once home the grain and groceries were unloaded and put away it was time to bathe April and Caesar, the two foals leaving today. I was rinsing them when Emily arrived and had them loaded by the time she changed out of her school clothes into her driving clothes. Below she is loading the truck with a cooler of food and books to study.
 She is picking up her friend Chloe in Indiana and will travel to her aunt's house in Rittman, OH. The two foals will be staying at the neighbor's barn over night. Then tomorrow morning Caesar (Eliza's colt) will be picked up from there and April will be delivered to her owner at a boarding barn 15 minutes away.  While Emily was pulling out, the mares and foals were up near the trailers so I snapped a picture. They are sure loving being out on pasture.
This afternoon was for inside work, laundry and dishes. I really didn't mind working inside today, it was hot outside. After supper Mark moved a few loads of wood over to Joan's for the winter while I got Ribbon covered by Valiant and fed Eliza. Eliza is definitely putting on weight now that her colt is weaned. Diane arrived on her golf cart with Ella, Ireyln and Crew. We were able to visit while waiting for Eliza to finish her grain.

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