Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rotten Eggs

Our Sunday was busy, not the typical day of rest probably needed now that we are home from vacation. When we walked into the house late last night something smelled and it wasn't the dogs. Searching the house with my nose constantly sniffing it led me to the kitchen and then the fridge. Oh my, when the fridge was opened we about gagged. Rotten eggs were the culprit and those were all my fault. I had hard boiled and peeled eggs to take on the trip down to Gulf Shores for a snack but forgot them in the fridge where they rotted for the last 10 days spreading their malodorous odors generously throughout the fridge and freezer. The fridge and freezer were emptied of anything that could absorb odors and the garbage hauled over to the dumpster. This morning the fridge was cleaned then fabreezed.
Amazing we were on time for church.  Tim Roecker had the morning service and Ken Hoerr had the afternoon. Right after church mom and I took this dress over and had our model model it.
Jessica found the dress, Diane purchased the dress and since it fits We are probably going to have to have the Horsemeister Friesians do Frozen in 2018. That is unless Rebekah can figure out how to use it with the Pirates... By the way, can anyone guess which Reinhard girl this is?
This afternoon Mark helped put up the electric fence so we could get the mares out on the big field. The grass is thick and plenty long, enough free forage to last well into the winter. By the time we finished and put the mares out the volleyball players had arrived over at the playground. The camera was taken over but I'm too tired to download any pictures. The games were great, the company even better.

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