Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Joanna's Training

Emily gave Joanna a short lesson in the outdoor arena early this morning before the heat of the day and before she needed to leave for school. Joanna is doing very well with this round pen reasoning.
She is 5 months old, now weaned, registered and DNA'D with Friesian Heritage Horse International, Papers are in hand and has a brand new coggins. She is ready for her new home and if you have ever wanted a Friesian she can be yours for only $5000.00. Check out the video below of Emily working with her. Who ever ends up with her is going to be pleased.
The horses were put away in time for our walk then off to Berean I headed. David, Cindy and Mary helped at the Berean office this morning, not to brag or anything but we were working machines. To read about our morning there click HERE.
When I got back the Eliza was fed and the camera taken out to snap a few shots for the owner of Ribbon's colt.
 He is just huge. He is pictured above and with Ribbon and Rosalie's filly below.
 Sangria's filly came over to see what I was doing. She is a very friendly filly but also pretty independent. She doesn't always stay with her mom, Sangria. 
 Below is Rosalie's filly
 Below is Jewel and her filly by Evan. 
We had a wind storm come through with a bit of rain that brought in some cooler weather. The horses were enjoying the cool breeze while waiting for Eliza to get done with her grain.
Mark drove to church tonight taking me, mom, Diane and Ruth. David Obgerfel had the service. It was truly good to be there.

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