Saturday, September 24, 2016

Amazing Trip to Middle Grove

The people coming to try out Serenity were suppose to arrive by 8:00 am which meant I needed to be out teasing Serenity at 7:00 am and covering her with Evan if she showed. The horses were all up by Valiant's pasture when I got out and Serenity showed as she was taken out only Evan didn't want to do his job. He kept glaring over at Valiant instead of checking out the pretty girl. I ended up taking Serenity into his paddock to get the job done. We really really need to get the second breeding stand back up. We took it down to build a new shelter last year.
Once Serenity was covered she was let back out in the field with the rest of the mares. Eliza was brought out and grained. Ribbon was still in and showing but I decided to wait until later today for her. I made it back inside to cook Mark's breakfast then headed back out to fill water tanks and grain the weanlings. At 9:00 am Serenity was brought inside and groomed then put in the paddock next to Evan's for easy access. The people finally did arrive around 11:00 am, worked with Serenity a bit then loaded and took her home. She won't be marked sold though until after 30 days, we want to make sure she is a good fit for them.
As soon as they left, Jewel and her filly were loaded into the stock trailer and off I went to Middle Grove to drop them off and pick up Indy and her filly so we can get a video and updated pictures for the website as her filly is now for sale and I needed to pick up Oksana as she is due in a month and Roxanne for an ultrasound. The ground was dry making it possible for me to drive the truck and trailer all the way back and up the hill where the herd was spread out grazing. They saw the truck and trailer and came running. About the time I stopped the truck I was surrounded by beautiful horses.
The back gate was opened, Jewel's halter taken off. She quickly jumped out of the trailer followed by her filly. By this time even the late comers were arriving. Below is Jenis, Soul and behind Jenis, Soul's filly.
 Below is Soul and her Valiant filly.
 In the front is Rosaleigh behind her is Sheena and Ayanna and behind them is Oksana, Missy and one other coming over the hillside. 
 Below is Hadassah. 
 Oksana is left, then Missy in front of a mare that I can't see well enough to name. 
Oksana was the first mare I was looking for just praying she was still pregnant and when she came waddling up it was very obvious she IS.  She was haltered, I turned around to walk her into the trailer and to my surprise Indy and her filly were already in the trailer.
 The middle divider shut leaving Indy and her filly in then before I could put Oksana in Ayanna jumped in the trailer with Whitney and Lily trying for the last spot. Those horses were shewed out.
Oksana was brought in and tied and out I went to find Roxanne. She was standing at the front of the trailer, haltered and put in the back next to Oksana. The trailer gate was shut and off I drove. All of this took just a few minutes, this was the quickest trip ever to Middle Grove. It wasn't until I talked to Karin that I realized I had not seen Cookie or Marika and her colt. I'll need to take another trip out right after church tomorrow if it hasn't started raining yet. Diane was here with a bunch of her grandkids plus Joan's kids so they helped with the unloading. Amy Koch had arrived with a couple of halters. She was over visiting at mom's so as soon as the horses were all settled the golf cart was taken over there so we could have a nice visit.
After leaving mom's there was just about 15 minutes to get Eliza fed and Ribbon covered by Valiant. That went like clock work. Valiant just does his job with no drama.
Mark and I left to meet Rhoda and Lee at Red Robin. They were bringing us Israel for the night and we were going to eat there but at 4:45 am there was already a 45 minute wait. Instead we walked over to Panda Express.
Emily made it home from Ohio with the truck and trailer. Israel and I took the golf cart up to the apartment to visit with her about the trip. Israel had fun playing with Jessica's pug puppy. Israel is now ready to head to bed.

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