Friday, September 2, 2016

Ralph & Jamie's Filly by Valiant

Dakota delivered a HUGE filly this morning around 4:00 am. This filly came 26 days early but is so filled out and stocky it made me check the cover dates. From the first cover this filly would be 21 days early, the last cover 26 days early WOW.

 Dakota is being a wonderful mom standing still when the baby first rooted around and then like a stone while she nursed. Unfortunately I was not there for the birth and Dakota tore. Dr. Palin came out this morning to repair the tear.

 This was a pretty big tear and she needed a few more supplies so her friend John drove out to help.

John knows how to keep young children happy and blew up a couple gloves for Taegan and Kensley who are spending the day with grandma.
This is SUCH a nice filly that was suppose to be for sale but after meeting and greeting her Jamie felt like there was no way she could sell her. Instead she decided not to buy Joanna, Lily's filly by Valiant so Joanna is now for sale again. Joanna is special, she is going to be either 17 hands or close to it. She has the movement and disposition to excel in dressage but also the athletic ability to make a jumper. Her bones are so thick they will hold up to even the upper levels. IF interested in Joanna she is now for sale for only $5000.00. Notice how high all four hooves are as she trots in the pictures below. This filly has airtime!

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