Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Today was above 90 degrees with bright sunshine. That meant as soon as I got home from Berean, (to read about that click HERE)  the horses needed to be brought in and hosed off. Rosalie's filly was given a much needed haltering and tying lesson today. By the time the horses were cooled off and fed it was late afternoon and I was HOT. The air conditioner had been turned off in the house as last night and this morning were both cool. It was 83 degrees inside. The air conditioner was turned on and turned down to 76. Thankfully it works well. Mark came home early from work today determined to finish the fenceline. He finished before dinner and now for sure the horses can't get into the neighbor's corn and I can feel free to leave them out during the night. That is such a blessing, we have enough grazing for twice the amount of horses here. After dinner he worked on our drive. The rain we had while we were gone must have been amazing. The drive had eroded pretty bad in spots. We are thankful for that skid steer. Tomorrow morning Emily is going to help get a video of Joanna for a prospective customer. I'll need to get up early so will head to bed.

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