Thursday, September 29, 2016


 Horsemeister is SO very pleased to announce Roxanne was confirmed in foal today by Dr. Hoerr's fantastic ultrasound machine.
The sire of this foal is Valiant. Below is the picture of this 6 week old embryo.
Dr. Hoerr arrived this morning in a bus. Yes a cool bus.
 He has his vet stuff and meds all organized in the very back and a vet office complete with computers in the middle. His mom, Ruth Hoerr made all the curtains. He has a portable bed that can be set up on one side if needed. I was impressed.
Dr. Hoerr had a list of things to do today with the horses. Sangria's filly and Soul's filly needed blood drawn for their coggins test and a microchip inserted in their necks. Indy's filly got blood drawn for her coggins test. After Roxanne's ultrasound it was Ribbon's turn. She has had a snotty nose for months. In July we gave her 60 cc's of antibiotics IV every day for 10 days but it didn't take care of the problem. Today Dr. Hoerr recommended that we bring Ribbon in for skull xrays then if it is a sinus infection he will be able to tell where, drill a hole through her face bone into the cavity and flush it again and again until the pus is gone.  
Just by Dr. Hoerr describing the procedure is enough to make a person shudder. That is ONE big head. We have an appointment to take her on Monday. She will probably be left there for a couple days. Just when we were finally getting the vet bills all paid too. Oh well, Ribbon is special. As soon as the horses were put away off I took for the Berean office. To read about that work today click HERE. Once home from there the horses were fed and Sangria covered by Valiant. I gave up trying to breed her to an Andalusian stallion this year. When Mark got home tonight we worked on splitting and stacking wood. The apartment got one load and we stacked another load on our porch. We are both tired tonight and ready to hit the sack.

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