Thursday, September 15, 2016

Our Wednesday

Another day late on posting but the evenings around here are too busy and fun to sit at the computer. Yesterday was another beautiful day. After breakfast the Borks went out to feed the gulls their breakfast.

They are amazed at how many gulls come and how they will just snatch the food out of the hands.
 Nolan was fishing again and just as I walked up caught one.
 This one he threw back pretty quickly.
 Rhoda made this huge alligator sunning himself on the beach.
 We all went swimming and boogie boarding. The waves had tamed down enough they were giving us good long rides without smashing us into the sand. No pictures though as I was boogie boarding too. We all went to the pool to rest in those calm waters after we were all tired out. The pool here is 9 and a half feet deep which keeps it cool enough to be refreshing. Sarah, Nolan, Rhoda, Lee and I walked down to Bahama Bob's for lunch. Mark drove 20 minutes away to an open air fish market. The fish were being brought in fresh right off the ocean. Mark bought shrimp, red snapper, and 2 other kids of fish which were grilled for supper. Sunset on the beach was gorgeous. News from home, Ribbon's colt is doing excellent. We can watch him on the monitor from here, he is bouncing around his mom. Emily delivered Star's filly this afternoon to her new owner.
We played Mexican train again until way late into the night not getting to be until after 10:00 pm. And of course I over slept this morning missing sunrise. These relaxing days are starting to mess up my sleep schedule. This is the first morning down here that I did not wake at 5:00 am. How in the world would I get all the work done at home if this continues.

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