Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kayaking Fishing

We awoke to a bright sunny day on the east side of the building but rain on the west side and soon a rainbow with one end in the Gulf of Mexico and the other end toward the city of Gulf Shores. The morning soon turned to all rain for an hour then sunshine the rest of the day. The guys had a flat tire coming down around 3:00 am and they had to travel the last 4 hours going no more than 55 miles an hour on the donut spare. When they finally made it here Rhoda took the car in to Walmart and got 2 new tires on the car. This afternoon Rhoda and Lee rented a kayak and went kayaking around the bay while Nolan and Sarah went fishing.

Both activities were good, the kayakers saw schools of jumping fish and the fishers caught fish. Lee's parents and sister arrived down here around 4:00 pm, went for a walk on the beach then we all walked down to Bahama Bob's for dinner. After dinner we played a game of Mexican train before heading to bed. A good day!

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