Friday, September 9, 2016

Much Needed Vacation

Yesterday was jam packed trying to get everything done before heading down to Gulf Shores for my much needed vacation. We started early and even though it was raining we still walked all of us with our umbrellas open wide to keep the rain off. The Bibles still needed to be stamped and mailed at the Berean office. To read about our week there click HERE.
Ralph and Jamie's mare Dakota and her brand new Valiant filly were suppose to be taken over to their home today but with the almost 2 inches of rain that fell and was still falling we decided to just leave them. Jamie and Ralph will need to drive over 3 times a day to care for them then move them over when the ground dries up a bit. On Tuesday when Taunya arrived to pick up her children I noticed a bunch of turkey vultures hovering over the lake. I decided to take the golf cart over to check on what was dead or dying.

 There were around 10 flying down close but then taking off. I couldn't smell or see anything dead so not sure what they were gathering for, I'm pretty sure mom was safe in the house and she is the oldest out here hopefully they weren't gathering for her.
This morning was weaning day for Eliza's colt. We kept him on as long as possible but Eliza is just losing too much weight. Thankfully the colt had already been eating grain and hay well. Emily put him in a stall with April as the 2 of them will be traveling to Ohio together. April is staying in Ohio while Caesar will be traveling on to Virginia.
Sarah, Rhoda and I left from Rhoda's house last evening around 5:00 pm and arrived at Diane and Mike's condo in Gulf Shores, AL just before 6:00 am. The sun was just starting to color the sky over the gulf when we pulled in. The pictures below were taken from one of the balconies on the condo.

We are thankful for the safe and easy drive down. Mark, Nolan and Lee will be joining us tomorrow morning then Lee's parents and sister Saturday evening.

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