Friday, September 9, 2016

Gulf Shores Friday

We had a beautiful bright sun shiny day here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. That wasn't the case at home. The weather there was miserable. I know this because the scheduled trail ride at Middle Grove had to be cancelled but only after Mike had all the horses tacked up and waiting. The group coming were at the Goose Ranch in Canton, IL and called to report it was raining there but since it was just sprinkling at Middle Grove they made the trip only to have the rain follow them over.
All the reports from home were that the day was overcast, gray and raining pretty much all day.
Our day here was relaxing, first breakfast at Waffle House, swimming in the pool, walking to the pier, wading in the warm gulf waters, bike riding, shopping, napping, reading and eating at the Original Oyster House for dinner. That has changed owners since the last time we ate there and I was disappointed in the menu and the prices. The salad bar is good but no longer comes with the meal but an extra $2.50 can be used as one of the 2 sides.

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