Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Laboring

It was hard to wake up and start working this morning after our fun day and late night yesterday. Breakfast was suppose to have been served at 8:00 am but that just didn't happen. I think it was a good half hour late but no one seemed to care. The pictures from yesterday were uploaded to Facebook. Below are a few:

If you would like to see the rest of them click HERE.
Nancy was picked up from Morton and taken to mom's for the afternoon and evening. It is my turn to have her but at mom's she got to see mom, Karin, Joan and Spark and watch the volley ball games.
Today each of the six weanlings were haltered, taken into the barn and worked with. Mark helped with that and by the time we were done haltering the last one we were both hot and tired. We had another 90 degree day. Joanna and Tara were taken into the arena and hosed off then stalled for the night. The vet is coming tomorrow to draw blood on Joanna for her coggins and Tara is just there to keep her company. 
Mom and I took Nancy home but first stopped at Molly's house to drop off Teddy. Mom had been puppy sitting with Teddy while Molly and Gabe were with all the Haeflie's at their annual camping trip. Teddy was so happy to see his family. 

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