Tuesday, September 6, 2016

City vs Country

Today I got to play with my city grandkids, Addyson, Jack and Jace. We were working out by the barn when Jack announced he had to go to the bathroom. Instead of telling him to run all the way down to the house I suggested he just water the tire of the horse trailer like the dogs do since there were no trees readily available. The rest of us headed into the stall barn with Dr. Pallen to check Dakota's stitches. Pretty soon Jack came in the barn and mentioned that didn't work very well, it splashed on him. Seriously!! Someone needs to show those city boys how to relieve himself without splashing. I didn't even know that was a possibility. Dr. Pallen just shook her head at my grandmothering skills. Rosalie and her filly were stalled across the aisle from Dakota and her filly. It was just too sunny and too hot for these young foals to be outside today. After Taunya picked them up Emily and I loaded Jenis, Anna, Serenity and Roxanne to take them to Middle Grove. This was the easiest trip yet. I pulled in to the field, shut the gate, opened the side door and removed halters. As each halter was removed that mare jumped out the side door then waited until the trailer was empty before taking off at a gallop. There is something so satisfying watching mares head up the hill to find the herd at the big big property. Once back at the farm the stalled horses had their water buckets filled then the car was taken to Big R in Pekin for grain. Today was senior day and as I am a senior the 50 pound bags of grain that usually are $6.49 were only $6.12 each.  Big R has senior day the first Tuesday of the month. I'm going to have to remember that. Next was the trip to Aldi to get groceries for tonight and tomorrows lunch at Berean. The best part about driving first to Middle Grove then to Pekin was the air conditioned car. The worst part of the day was unloading 600 pounds of grain in the heat. After dinner the stalled horses taken out to the paddocks, the stalls cleaned and made ready for tomorrow.

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