Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Day Late POST

For some reason, even though no one is working and we are all just playing around there seems to be no time to update the blog. We had another beautiful but very hot day on Thursday. Today is our last day here in Sunny Gulf Shores, but this morning we can see storms clouds building out in the gulf that are suppose to hit the beach around 11:30 am. Lee just might get his wish. Yesterday sitting around the pool Lee exclaimed, "I just wish we would have had 1 day of rain so we could do some indoor fun." Yes we all think he may be a bit touched in the head. Nolan and Sarah showed up early this morning, Nolan is already out fishing and sending texts back with pictures of fish.Speaking of Lee and Nolan, both of these guys just can't seem to hang on to sun glasses. Nolan was hit by a 6 foot wave a few days ago and his first pair was swept out to sea. Since that time he has lost 2 more pair. Lee has only lost 1 pair but thankfully it happened as they were shopping. They both walked into a store yesterday with sunglasses on, walked out without them, went right back in but neither pair could be found so both had to buy another pair. The jelly fish had moved in yesterday putting an end to the endless fishing by Nolan at least for a few hours. Later in the afternoon he went back out and caught a lot of fish but let them all go. One was a Spanish Mackerel. The rest of us walked the beach or swam in the pool most of the day taking a couple hours to eat out. One of the favorite spots here is the Pink Pony. So far 2 groups here have tried to finish the nacho dish of that restaurant has. The Bork's had to give up and bring theirs back, Lee and Nolan finished but it wasn't an easy task. That entree is HUGE. They all really enjoyed eating there. Mark and I went to the Fish River Grill for dinner. This is supposedly where the locals eat, they even print that on the front of the menu. Mark ordered a torpedo which was Louisiana craw fish, mixed with shrimp and others things all baked together in a roll. With each meal they give you a 4 ounce bowl of swamp soup. The name and the looks of the soup was pretty bad but the taste was good. We both ate the entire 4 ounces. I ordered fish and both of the meals were delicious. The price was $12.99 and so big we had to get a box to take the leftovers home. This was the first time either of us had ever tasted crawfish and were surprised at how delicious it was.  In the evening, once the Bork's came back from swimming around 8:00 pm we played another game of Mexican Train which Kristie won big time.
News from home: Emily went to Middle Grove and picked up Jewel, her filly, Sangria, her filly, Eliza and one more but I didn't hear which mare. We have 2 requests for new videos of these 2 fillies and both were serious requests. As I was explaining that we were out of the state to the second lady that asked an email came in with pictures of Sangria's 3 year old filly by Valiant, a full sister to this years filly. Check out THIS picture:
The owner wrote: Just wanted to update you guys on promise HM she is great beautiful horse, she is very calm and a smart animal and I love her. We bought her like 2 years back and I just wanted to thank you guys for this beautiful mare you have gave us the opportunity to own.
Notice the height on this 3 year old, she towers over the palomino quarter horse next to her, and is being ridden double in a parade. Sangria and Valiant sure do produce gorgeous calm babies time after time. 
Emily has her hands full the next few days. She is moving in bales, cleaning stalls and taking care of new babies. So thankful she is taking care of everything there so we can be here. Last night she spent some time with the buyer of Eliza's colt and Lola's filly. She will be trailering them to Medina, Ohio leaving next Friday after school and returning home on Saturday.

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