Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fun Filled Exhausting Day

Nolan started fishing this morning around 7:00 am and it didn't take long for Sarah to send this picture back:
He came in for our usual breakfast then after breakfast the storms came rolling in from the Gulf of Mexico. Below the clouds were boiling above the water and buildings.
 The rain came down hard for a bit them stopped. Lee thought the waves looked like they were going to be good for boogie boarding and talked Rhoda, Nolan, Sarah and Debbie into joining him.
 Above is Sarah waiting for a wave and below Rhoda has just caught a wave.

Above Lee is about to get dumped on and below the wave is crashing down on Nolan. 
                 The waves were a little too strong for Debbie, knocking her down quite a few times.
 After all were worn out in the turbulent waters of the gulf, they were more than willing to relax in the still waters of the pool.
To see the rest of the pictures from today and some from yesterday click HERE. The sun came out brightly heating up the outside until it was almost too hot. Mark and I walked down to Bahama Bob's for their lunch special just before 2:00 pm. Rhoda, Lee, Sarah and Nolan went for a long bike ride all the way past Orange Beach past the state park and over the big bridge then back. Diane only has 3 bikes and there were 4 that did this long trip so they took turns with someone running along while the other 3 rode. Everyone was pretty wiped out when they got back. This evening was the dolphin cruise for the Borks. They took the last cruise going out so some of the pictures of the jumping dolphins were pretty dark.

 They were able to watch the sun set from the boat.
 After the cruise they went to dinner at Hurricane Wings and Grill in Orange Beach. The were all well pleased with their meals. Mark and I went for a long walk on the beach this evening coming back at dark. Sarah and Nolan had already left for their hotel when we finally made it back to the condo. News from home was all good. Ribbon and her colt are doing well. Jamie stopped in and took this picture of the colt:
He is such a handsome fellow. We are all tired from our fun filled day and are all heading to bed early. Who Knew playing could be so exhausting.

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